How to Use a Squeegee Properly?

To use a squeegee properly, start by wetting the surface you are cleaning. Then dip the edge of the squeegee into a bucket of warm water and detergent mixture. Next, begin to pull the blade across the surface in overlapping strokes from one end to another.

Make sure to maintain an even pressure on each stroke so that no area is left untouched. Once you’ve gone over it once, flip your squeegee around and go back across in reverse for a more thorough clean. When finished, wipe off any excess liquid with either a microfiber cloth or lint free towel before letting it air dry completely.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your surfaces will be squeaky clean!

  • Prepare the surface: Before using a squeegee, it is important to make sure that the surface area is clean and free of dirt or debris
  • This will ensure that the squeegee glides easily over the surface without leaving streaks
  • Wet down the surface: Use a spray bottle filled with water to lightly spritz down your window or other surfaces before use
  • This will help create some lubrication on the glass which makes it easier for you to move your squeegee around without having any issue with dragging across dry surfaces
  • Start in one corner: Begin by starting at one corner of your window or other type of glass and work your way up followed by left to right motion until you reach the opposite side from where you started from
  • Try not to overlap too much as this can cause streaking on the glass when finished
  • 4
  • Apply pressure: It’s important not too apply too much pressure when using a squeegee as this can leave behind scratches or gouges in its wake if done improperly
  • Use just enough force so that it is able to glide smoothly across all areas, but don’t push hard enough where it could damage anything during use
  • 5 Wipe off excess moisture: After completing each pass with your squeegee, be sure to wipe away any excess moisture left behind using an old rag or paper towel before beginning another row of cleaning strokes
How to Use a Squeegee Properly?


Which Side of Squeegee to Use?

When cleaning windows with a squeegee, it is important to know which side of the blade should be used. Generally speaking, the flat side should be used for initial wiping and cleaning while the angled edge can be used for finer detailing and polishing. The pressure applied by using different sides of the squeegee will vary depending on how much dirt or grime needs to be removed; however, generally more gentle pressure is needed when using the angled edge as this will help prevent streaks from forming.

How Do You Professionally Clean Windows With a Squeegee?

To professionally clean windows with a squeegee, start by spraying the window with a glass cleaner of your choice. Use a soft cloth to spread it across the window and remove any dirt or dust. Then, dip your squeegee into warm water to moisten it and draw an S-shaped pattern on the window starting from the top left corner.

Make sure you overlap each stroke slightly so that no streaks are left behind. Once done, wipe off excess water around the edges of the window using a towel or rag before allowing it to air dry completely.

How Do You Use a Squeegee Without Streaks?

When using a squeegee to clean windows, it is important to ensure that you use the correct technique in order to avoid streaks. Start by wetting the window with a sponge and some cleaning solution. Use an angled technique when dragging your squeegee across the glass.

Begin at one of the top corners, drag down towards the centre of the window, then move back up and outwards until you reach another corner. Wipe off any excess water from your blade after each pass – this ensures that no residue is left on the glass which can cause streaking. Make sure to dry horizontally between passes as well so there are no drips on lower portions of windows.

Finally, use a clean cloth or towel for buffing off remaining moisture – this helps produce streak-free results!

Where Should You Begin Cleaning While Using a Squeegee?

When using a squeegee to clean, it is important to begin at the top of whatever surface you are cleaning and work your way down. This will help ensure that the dirt and debris is removed from the highest point first in order for it to be completely eradicated before reaching lower areas. Additionally, starting at the top also reduces streaking as any excess liquid used can run off naturally downwards.

It is best practice when using a squeegee to work in small sections from side-to-side rather than scrubbing back and forth along one area which can lead to streaks.

How To Use a Squeegee – Window cleaning tips

What is the Best Homemade Window Cleaning Solution

The best homemade window cleaning solution is a simple mixture of white vinegar and water. Vinegar is a natural cleaner that cuts through dirt and grime, leaving windows streak-free and sparkling clean. For the best results, mix equal parts vinegar to water in a spray bottle, then spritz on your windows, scrub with a soft cloth or sponge, wipe clean with newspaper for extra shine, and voila!

Your windows will look like they were just washed by professionals.


Using a squeegee properly is essential when it comes to the craft of window cleaning. With the right technique, you can achieve streak free surfaces and get your windows looking great in no time. Now that you know how to use a squeegee correctly, you are well on your way to mastering this skill and achieving beautiful results every time.

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