Who Invented The First Robotic Vacuum Cleaner?

Inventors have been creating machines to clean floors since the early 1800s. The first robotic vacuum cleaner was invented in 1996 by British engineer James Dyson. His vacuum cleaner, the Dyson DC06, was designed to clean floors without the use of brushes or bags.

The DC06 was not a commercial success, but Dyson continued to work on his design. In 2001, he introduced the DC07, which was the first robotic vacuum cleaner to be sold in the United States.

Who invented the robot vacuum cleaner?

Who invented the robot vacuum cleaner? The first robot vacuum cleaner was created by an American company called iRobot in 2002. The idea for the device came from one of the company’s co-founders, Colin Angle, who was inspired by watching a Roomba vacuum cleaner autonomously clean his home.

The Roomba was designed to be a simple, efficient and effective way to clean floors, and it quickly became one of the most popular home cleaning devices on the market.

Was Roomba the first robot vacuum?

The answer is no, Roomba was not the first robot vacuum. The first robot vacuum was created by Electrolux in 1997. It was called the Trilobite and it was very expensive, costing around $2000.

Roomba was created by iRobot in 2002 and it was much cheaper, costing around $200.

When was the first Roomba invented?

In 2002, the first Roomba was invented by iRobot. The Roomba was created to help people with everyday cleaning tasks in their homes. The Roomba quickly became a popular household appliance, as it could autonomously clean floors without any human intervention.

Today, iRobot continues to produce Roombas, as well as other robotic products for both the home and business markets.

What was the first cleaning robot?

The first cleaning robot was the Roomba, created by iRobot. The Roomba was designed to clean floors, specifically carpets and hardwood floors. It uses a spinning brush to loosen dirt and debris and then sucks it up into a dustbin.

The Roomba can also detect edges and corners so that it doesn’t miss any spots.


The first robotic vacuum cleaner was created by two engineers, Johnnie Gray and Richard Hardwick, in 1996. The device they created was called the Roomba and it was designed to clean floors automatically. The Roomba was a success and it is still in production today.

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