How to Hide Plunger And Toilet Brush?

To hide a plunger and toilet brush, start by purchasing two attractive containers to hold each item. For the plunger, look for a tall container that is wide enough at the top to fit it in but narrow enough at the bottom so it won’t slide out. Choose an opaque material or one with a lid to further conceal its contents.

Find a smaller container for your toilet brush and again choose something opaque or with a lid if possible. Place both items in their respective containers and put them on opposite sides of the bathroom where they are least visible but still easily accessible when needed. Finally, place any decorative accent pieces around them to help blend them into the decor of your space.

  • Purchase a discreet plunger holder: First, purchase a discreet plunger and toilet brush holder that fits the overall décor of your bathroom
  • Some popular options include woven wicker, wire mesh or even plastic holders that can be painted to match any color scheme
  • Place the holder in an out-of-the way location: Place the holder in an area of your bathroom that is not easily seen from outside of the room when you open the door such as behind a shower curtain or on another wall so it doesn’t take up too much space
  • Put items inside and close lid: Once you have placed the holder in its desired location, place both your plunger and toilet brush inside it and close its lid to keep away odor and dust particles while also concealing them from view
  • Secure with adhesive strips (optional): If necessary, use adhesive strips to secure your plunger/toilet brush holder onto any surface for added stability if needed due to weight or other factors

How Do You Hide Toilet Plunger?

Hiding a toilet plunger can be an unsightly and embarrassing task, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many creative ways to conceal the plunger while keeping it easily accessible when needed. One option is to store it in a designated bathroom cupboard or cabinet that you keep locked with a key or padlock.

This way, no one will see the plunger unless they know where to look for it! Alternatively, consider investing in an attractive storage basket or bin specifically designed for concealing such items. These come in all sorts of sizes and shapes so you’re sure to find something that fits your bathroom decor; simply place the basket near your toilet and slide the plunger inside when not in use.

If you don’t want anyone else knowing about this particular item lying around your home, why not invest in an over-the-tank caddy? This device attaches directly onto the back of your toilet tank and provides ample space for storing everything from spare rolls of toilet paper to plungers – just make sure it’s securely fastened before using.

Where Do People Store Toilet Plunger?

The best place to store a toilet plunger is right next to the toilet, either on the floor or wall mounted. This allows for easy access when you need it and prevents any mess from occurring in other parts of your home. It also reduces the chance of anyone tripping over it, as well as making sure that your guests don’t have to search around for it should they ever require its use.

If you do not have space near your toilet, then consider storing it behind a closed door cabinet such as under the sink or in an adjacent bathroom cupboard. Make sure that any items stored together with the plunger are kept away from moisture and heat so that they won’t cause damage over time.

How Do You Keep a Toilet Brush in the Bathroom?

Keeping a toilet brush in the bathroom doesn’t have to be difficult or unsightly. The key is to make sure you keep it clean and contained properly so that odor, germs, and bacteria don’t spread throughout your home. You can do this by getting a holder with a lid or even covering the head of the brush with plastic wrap when not in use.

Additionally, you should empty and rinse out the holder after each use, as well as disinfect it at least once a week with bleach or an antibacterial cleaner. If possible, try to keep your toilet brush out of sight since no one wants to see it on display! Finally, replace your toilet brush every three months for optimal hygiene results.

What is the Best Way to Store a Toilet Brush?

Storing a toilet brush is an often overlooked, but extremely important task. To ensure that your brush stays clean and hygienic for use in the future, it’s best to store it away from direct contact with water. The most common way of achieving this is by placing the brush in a special container or holder that can be hung on the wall.

This will keep the bristles out of any standing water and also help to prevent bacteria build-up by allowing air circulation around the bristles. Additionally, make sure you regularly replace your toilet brush head as they eventually wear down over time due to normal use and cleaning chemicals used during bathroom sanitation tasks.

Ideas to Hide Toilet Plunger

When it comes to toilet plungers, there are several creative ways to make them blend in with your home decor. Try hanging the plunger on a hook behind the bathroom door, or tucking it away in a decorative basket underneath the sink. Another great idea is to get a specially designed holder that can be mounted on the wall near the toilet and painted to match your color scheme.

Where to Store Plunger And Toilet Brush

When it comes to storing a plunger and toilet brush, the best place is in a bathroom closet or behind the toilet. Avoid keeping them in plain sight by tucking them away out of sight. If you don’t have any extra storage space in your bathroom, you can purchase an inexpensive caddy specifically designed for these items.

How to Hide Toilet

If you’re looking for ways to conceal your toilet from view, there are a few simple steps you can take. You can use an opaque shower curtain or partition to create a physical barrier between the toilet and the rest of the bathroom. Alternatively, you could install a wall-mounted cabinet above or around the toilet to provide extra storage space while keeping it out of sight.

Hide Toilet Brush

Hide toilet brush is a great way to keep your bathroom tidy and organized. It’s designed to fit in small spaces, making it easy to tuck away when not in use. This handy tool helps prevent accidental spills or messes from the toilet brush, while still allowing you to reach it quickly when needed.

It also prevents unpleasant odors from escaping into the restroom air. With its sleek design and practical functionality, this type of storage can be an excellent addition to any bathroom.

Toilet Brush And Plunger Set

For any homeowner, a Toilet Brush and Plunger Set is an essential item for keeping your bathroom clean. This set typically includes a toilet brush with bristles designed to reach deep into the bowl, as well as a plunger for unclogging toilets. The handle of the brush usually comes with an easy-to-grip design that makes cleaning easier, while the plunger features a rubber cup that creates maximum suction when used.

Toilet Brush And Plunger Set Amazon

The Toilet Brush And Plunger Set from Amazon is an ideal tool for anyone looking to keep their bathroom clean and hygienic. This set includes both a toilet brush and plunger, made with high-quality materials that are designed to last. The ergonomic design of the brush ensures easy cleaning while the flexible rubber head on the plunger helps remove pesky clogs quickly and easily.


The tips mentioned in this blog post, you can successfully hide your plunger and toilet brush without having to sacrifice style or design. You’ll be able to keep your bathroom looking neat and organized while still being able to access these necessary items when needed. With a few simple steps, you can easily utilize baskets, cabinets, shelves and other storage solutions to keep these items out of sight while still keeping them close at hand.

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