How to Close Werner Telescoping Attic Ladder?

How to Close Werner Telescoping Attic Ladder?


To close a Werner Telescoping Attic Ladder, first make sure the ladder is fully extended and locked in place. Next, hold onto the side rails of the ladder and slowly push it back into its closed position. After the ladder has been fully retracted, secure both sides of the latch by pushing down on each end until they click into place.

Make sure that all parts are properly latched before using or storing away your attic ladder as an added safety measure.

  • Position the Ladder: Place the ladder at an angle with one side resting on the attic floor and the other against a wall or support beam
  • Make sure that it is stable and secure before attempting to close it
  • Unlock Locking Arm: Push down firmly on the locking arm located near where you opened and closed your ladder, then slide it back into its original position so that it locks in place again
  • If necessary, use a flathead screwdriver to assist you in pushing down on the locking arm until it clicks into place securely
  • Fold Down Steps: Carefully fold each step of your Werner telescoping attic ladder downward using both hands as evenly as possible until all steps are folded up completely against one another
  • The steps should stack together snugly without any gaps between them while they are folded shut for safety purposes when not in use
  • Unlatch Support Arms: With both hands, push down firmly on each latch located at either end of your Werner telescoping attic ladder’s support arms until they unlatch and pop open simultaneously allowing these arms to swing inward towards one another until they come to rest against their respective sides of the now-folded ladder steps above them neatly tucked away from view and harm’s way when not in use

How Do You Retract a Werner Telescoping Attic Ladder?

Retracting a Werner telescoping attic ladder is relatively simple. First, you need to make sure that the area around the ladder is clear from any obstructions. Next, locate the release handle on the side of the ladder and pull it straight down.

This will disengage both steps and allow you to begin retracting the ladder back into its storage position inside your home’s attic space. Once retracted, engage two locks at each end of the metal frame that holds up your stairs by pushing them inwards until they click into place. This will ensure that your Werner telescoping attic ladder remains securely stored away when not in use.

For extra safety precautions, consider purchasing an additional latch system or lock for added security and peace of mind when storing this type of equipment indoors.

Why Won’T My Attic Stairs Close?

If your attic stairs won’t close, it can be a very frustrating situation. The most common causes for this issue are that the hinges or brackets on the stairway have been damaged, the door is not properly aligned with the jamb, or there is something blocking its path when you try to close it. In some cases, the problem may be due to a lack of lubrication on any moving parts such as springs and rollers.

Weatherstripping around the edges of an attic staircase door can become worn out over time and need to be replaced in order for it to close correctly. If these solutions don’t work then you should consider calling a professional contractor who will diagnose what’s causing your attic stairs not to close and provide you with potential solutions so that your home remains safe and secure.

How Do You Open And Close an Attic Door?

Opening and closing an attic door can be tricky depending on the model of your door, but with a few simple steps you’ll be able to open and close it safely. First off, make sure that the ladder or stairs leading up to the attic are secure and in good condition before attempting to climb them. Then, use caution when opening the attic access panel which is typically located inside a closet or hallway ceiling.

Many times these panels are heavy and require two people for safety reasons. When lifting or pulling down on the panel door handle, ensure that both hands are firmly gripping either side of the handle so you don’t accidentally drop it while opening or closing it. Once opened you will want to inspect both sides of the doorway frame for any signs of damage including loose nails, cracks in woodwork etc., as well as checking if there is adequate insulation around all four sides of the entranceway.

Make sure that once closed there is no air leakage by placing your hand near where each corner meets; this will help ensure complete closure without any gaps letting out heat from inside your home during winter months!

What is the Rough Opening for a Werner Attic Ladder?

Installing an attic ladder is a great way to make use of the wasted space in your home. Not only does it provide easy access to your attic, but it also adds value and safety. One of the most popular brands on the market today is Werner Attic Ladders.

But before you purchase one, it’s important to understand what size opening you’ll need for installation. Generally speaking, a rough opening for a Werner Attic Ladder will measure 22-1/2 inches wide by 54 inches long (or 14-1/4” x 47” if you opt for their Compact model). This means that when cutting into your ceiling joists or rafters, you should leave at least this much room between each cut in order to accommodate both the frame and any insulation needed around it.

All Werner Attic Ladders have built-in adjustability features so that they can be fitted perfectly regardless of ceiling height or angle – making them perfect for tight spaces!

Werner Compact Attic Ladder – Easy to Open and Close

Werner Aa8 Televator Attic Ladder

The Werner AA8 Televator Attic Ladder is a must-have for any home improvement projects. This heavy duty folding attic ladder allows you to access your attic with ease and safely, providing safe and easy access to otherwise hard-to-reach areas in the home. It features extra wide steps for added stability and security, plus an adjustable spring system that adjusts itself automatically as you climb up or down the ladder.

The Werner AA8 Televator Attic Ladder is designed for quick installation into existing openings – no cutting required!


Closing your Werner telescoping attic ladder is a simple and straightforward process that requires minimal tools. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily close your ladder safely and securely without damaging it or yourself. With proper use of the locking mechanism and secure storage practices, you can ensure that your ladder will work as intended for years to come.

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