How Do You Use a Squeegee?

A squeegee is a tool used for cleaning and drying surfaces. To use it, start by wetting the surface that you are going to clean with either water or a cleaning solution. Then, take the squeegee in your hand so that the rubber blade faces down and at an angle away from you.

Pull it across the surface in one continuous motion, using light pressure on the handle to control how much liquid is picked up by the blade. After each pass, wipe off any excess liquid from the squeegee onto a rag before making another pass over the same area of surface. When finished, rinse off any residue left behind by wiping down with a damp cloth or sponge.

Using a squeegee is an easy way to clean windows, mirrors, and other surfaces quickly and effectively. To use it properly, first dampen the edge of the squeegee blade with water or glass cleaner for extra cleaning power. Then start at the top corner of your surface and gently pull down in one long motion.

You may need to stop midway through to wipe off excess liquid on the blade before continuing downwards. Repeat this process until all areas have been cleaned, then use a dry cloth or paper towel to dry off any remaining streaks left behind by the squeegee.

How Do You Use a Squeegee?


How Does Squeegee Work?

A squeegee is a tool made of rubber that has been around for many years. It consists of a handle, usually with a long stem attached, and one or more blades at the end. The blade is used to remove excess water, soap suds, or other liquids from flat surfaces such as glass windows and shower stalls by pushing it across the surface in one direction.

This causes the liquid to be spread evenly over the surface before being wiped away with an absorbent cloth. The same technique can also be used to spread paint evenly on walls during painting projects. Squeegees are often used in combination with cleaning detergents for better results when cleaning hard-to-reach places such as window frames and corners where dirt accumulates quickly due to lack of ventilation.

How Do You Use a Squeegee Cloth?

Using a squeegee cloth is an easy and effective way to clean windows, mirrors, and other surfaces. Begin by wetting the cloth with warm water, then wring out any excess liquid. Then place the cloth at one corner of your window or surface and pull it in a single, smooth motion across the entire area until you reach the opposite side.

Be sure to use even pressure so that no streaks are left behind. After each swipe, rinse off your cloth and reapply warm water before continuing until all areas are cleaned.

Where Should You Begin Cleaning While Using a Squeegee?

When using a squeegee to clean, it is important to start at the top and work your way down. Begin by wetting the surface you are cleaning with water or a cleaning solution that has been diluted according to instructions on the bottle. Once your surface is wet, use the squeegee blade in an S-shaped motion from left to right while gently pushing down in order to remove any dirt, dust or debris.

Make sure not to press too hard as this could cause streaks or damage depending on what type of material you are cleaning. Finally, wipe away excess moisture from your squeegee blade before continuing onto other sections of the room.

What is the Best Way to Clean Windows With a Squeegee?

When it comes to cleaning windows with a squeegee, the best way is to start by spraying the entire window with a glass cleaner or an all-purpose cleaner and water mixture. Once you’ve sprayed the cleaner on the window, use your squeegee to wipe off any excess liquid from top to bottom in one steady motion. As you move down, overlap each stroke slightly – this will help prevent streaks.

After that’s done, use a dry cloth or paper towel to remove any remaining moisture from around the edges of your window. Finally, make sure you clean up any messes made during the process and store your squeegee away for next time!

How To Use a Squeegee – Window cleaning tips

How to Use a Squeegee in the Shower

Using a squeegee to clean your shower is an effective and relatively easy way to keep it looking sparkling clean. To get started, wet the shower walls with warm water then use the squeegee in long strokes from top-to-bottom to remove excess water and soap scum residue. As you move down, overlap each stroke slightly for maximum coverage—this helps create a streak free finish.

When finished, dry off any remaining drops of moisture with a cloth or towel before exiting the shower.


In conclusion, using a squeegee is an essential part of cleaning up any wet surface. It allows you to quickly and efficiently remove water from windows, floors, shower stalls and more. When using a squeegee, it’s important to remember the proper technique: use a firm but gentle stroke with short pushes or pulls while keeping the blade at a consistent angle against the surface.

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