Can You Use a Squeegee With Windex?

Yes, you can use a squeegee with Windex. Using a squeegee to clean windows is an easy and effective way to remove dirt and grime from glass surfaces. Simply spray the window with Windex, then use the squeegee in one direction to wipe away any residue on the glass.

Make sure that your strokes are even and consistent so as not to create streaks across the window. When you’re done wiping, dry off the blade of the squeegee with a cloth or paper towel before putting it away for storage. This will help prevent streaking when you go back to using it again in future cleaning sessions.

  • Prepare the surface to be cleaned: Before using a squeegee with Windex, it’s important to make sure that the surface is free of dirt and debris
  • Use a vacuum or broom to remove any loose dust and debris from the area you are cleaning
  • Apply Windex: Spray an even layer of Windex across the entire surface that needs to be cleaned
  • Allow the product to sit for several minutes so it can penetrate any tough grime or build-up on your windows or other surfaces
  • Use Squeegee: Starting at one end of your window or other glass surface, use a clean squeegee blade in long strokes from top to bottom until you reach the opposite side
  • Wipe away excess moisture with a dry cloth as needed between passes with your squeegee blade 4 Clean Up: Once you’ve finished wiping down all of your windows and other surfaces, discard any dirty materials such as paper towels used during cleaning

How To Use a Squeegee – Window cleaning tips

Can You Use Window Cleaner With a Squeegee?

Yes, you can use window cleaner with a squeegee to clean windows. Squeegees are an effective tool for cleaning glass surfaces because they allow you to spread the liquid evenly across the surface and remove any dirt or debris that has accumulated. As long as your window cleaner is safe for glass, it will work well with a squeegee.

Make sure to always read the directions on your window cleaner before using it and follow all safety precautions. Additionally, after each use be sure to rinse off both the squeegee and the cloth used to wipe down excess water from the windows. Doing so will help ensure streak-free results every time!

What is the Best Solution to Use With a Window Squeegee?

The best solution to use with a window squeegee is a mixture of warm water and mild liquid soap. This combination will provide an effective way to remove smudges, dust, and dirt from windows without leaving streaks or residue behind. Additionally, the addition of liquid soap helps reduce the amount of physical effort needed for scrubbing since it increases surface tension between the glass and cleaning solution.

Be sure to rinse off any excess soapy residue afterwards with plain water for optimal results.

What Do You Wipe Windex off With?

When wiping down surfaces with Windex, it’s important to use a soft cloth that won’t scratch the surface. Microfiber cloths are ideal for this purpose as they’re extremely soft and durable, but other lint-free fabrics like cotton or terrycloth will also work. Avoid using paper towels as these can leave behind tiny fibers and streaks on the surface.

Additionally, if you want an even deeper clean, try wetting the cloth first with warm water before applying Windex to help lift away any dirt or debris from the surface before cleaning with Windex.

What Kind of Soap Do You Use to Squeegee Windows?

For the best results when squeegeeing windows, you should use a special glass cleaner soap. This type of soap is specifically designed to help you remove dirt and grease from windows without leaving streaks or spots behind. It’s important to choose a soap that contains surfactants, which are molecules that reduce surface tension and allow water droplets to spread evenly over the glass.

Additionally, look for soaps that contain ingredients like mineral oil or glycerin, which act as lubricants and protect against scratches while you work. Using the right kind of window cleaning product will ensure sparkling clean windows with minimal effort!

Can You Use a Squeegee With Windex?


What Do You Use to Clean Windows With a Squeegee

Using a squeegee is one of the most effective and efficient ways to clean windows. Start by wetting the window with a cleaning solution – either homemade or store-bought – then use the squeegee in overlapping up-and-down strokes, starting at the top left corner and working your way down. Finish each stroke off with a light wipe over an old rag or paper towel to ensure that no streaks are left behind.

To get into corners and other hard to reach places, use a sponge or microfiber cloth.


In conclusion, the answer to the question “Can You Use a Squeegee With Windex?” is yes. As long as you use a clean squeegee and follow the instructions on your window cleaner label, using a squeegee with Windex is an effective way to clean windows without leaving streaks or smears behind. The combination of Windex and a squeegee works great for cleaning both interior and exterior glass surfaces around your home.

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